Dog Behaviour Training

Whatever you’re struggling with, there will be training you can put in place to make things better.

Whether your dog is overexcitable, jumping up, pulling on the lead, stealing things, guarding or anything else that’s driving you a bit crazy, I can help!      

I will work with you to create a personalised dog training plan that is specific to you, your dog and the problems you are having. There’s not a one size fits all, and that’s why all my training plans are built uniquely for you.      

You will receive access to an online home-study library with resources that have been cherry-picked for your situation, PLUS regular online 1-2-1s with me, so that we can troubleshoot and progress your training together.

We will first have a conversation to determine what is happening with your dog and how I can best help you both. I will provide you with some initial management strategies that you can use immediately to make things better for you straight away.

In some cases, this might be all you need, but usually, we will work together over a period of time. If you decide you’d like to work with me, I will put together a programme that addresses the issues you are experiencing with simple, easy to follow steps.

The specifics of the programme will depend on many factors but will normally include:

  • An initial consultation so we can figure out exactly what you need and give you some immediate strategies to use 
  • Fortnightly or weekly follow-ups so we can tackle what’s happening as it comes up 
  • Ongoing support where you need it, so you never feel lost or confused about what to do 
  • Training videos that you can watch as often as you like, so you can practise and hone your new skills 
  • Handouts to print out and use on the move, plus you can share with family members and caregivers so everyone's on the same page 

Every dog training programme I design is personalised, so you can rest assured that you get exactly what you need to address your unique scenario.

Following the last of our 4 consultations Adam and I wanted to reach out to say how much we, and Fergus, have gained from your help, expertise and support.

From the first time we met it was clear your method of training would be a positive and enjoyable approach, that both us and Fergus would benefit from.

We have really appreciated the time you have taken to get to know us and Fergus in order to put together a bespoke training plan and resources, as well as helping us understand how to get the most from them.

 We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who gets a furry friend and then realises they have no idea how to cope with the little challenges they can present. With your help we are confident we can be the best owners possible for Fergus, which is all that matters to us.

Thanks again

Michelle, Adam and Fergus

Confident Connections - Training for reactive dogs

Confident Connections is an extraordinary 8-week training programme that’s designed especially for your reactive dog, and YOU!

The course is broken down into small manageable steps and paired with weekly 1-2-1 sessions so that you can progress through the training without overwhelm.  

Having a reactive dog can feel stressful and sometimes like an enormous undertaking. My pledge to you is that we will work to remove the pressure, balance emotions and make great strides in your training so that both you and your dog can enjoy life together.  

Get your free introduction to scentwork training today

Scentwork is a world of fun, but it’s also an incredibly powerful tool for reactive dogs. Dogs are olfactory beings, and introducing your dog to the world of scentwork can give you an incredible tool to use both on your walks and at home.