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Reactive dog training that’s unique to you & your dog
 Never feel alone again

reactive - anxious - nervous - aggressive
There are tons of terms used to refer to dogs who need some extra support to thrive in a human world. Let’s ditch the labels and focus on changing the emotions that are making life hard for both you and your dog right now.  

Hi, I’m Sonia.

I’m a professional dog trainer with a passion for supporting reactive dog owners and their dogs. I’m a firm believer that to truly make a difference in the lives of dogs and their guardians, we need to support both ends of the lead.  

I know how upsetting, isolating and stressful it can be to share your life with a dog who struggles. You never expected that life with your dog would be this way, and you’re desperate to find THE ANSWER that will make life enjoyable again.  

You might dread leaving the house with your dog or having visitors over. Your emotions are all over the place, and you worry about what the future might hold.  

Is your dog:
 - Barking at other dogs on walks?
 - Lunging at dogs or people?
 - Barking at passing cars?
 - Lunging at bikes or buggies as they pass by?
 - Pulling like crazy on the lead and making walks a nightmare?

Your dog isn’t aggressive or naughty.

Your dog is more than likely fearful, nervous, low in confidence or in pain.

  I’m here to help you with a personalised, easy to follow training plan that will have both you and your dog feeling confident and ready to face the world.  

My reactive dog training programme is tailored uniquely to you and your dog - since we are all INDIVIDUALS and don’t fit in neat little boxes!

What my client’s say….

Sonia is very knowledgable and openly enthusiastic on the subject, which she shares freely, in small manageable chunks. She is always readily available for supportive, constructive advice.

She adopts a small stepped, bite sized approach to each activity, and has been very forthcoming with ideas of how the training can be adapted to Jack’s needs, and for other guardians and their dogs too.

She has changed my life with a blind dog for the better, and has made a considerable difference to my confidence and enthusiasm levels.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make the journey of discovery with her as I’ve done. Huge thanks Sonia.

Angela & Jack

I’ve been working with Sonia to help my cocker spaniel, who is anxious and reactive to other dogs, unknown people, and quite anxious in general. She is reactive to noises at home and sometimes with people she doesn’t know who visit too.

Sonia is very experienced, kind, positive and understanding of our struggles and while I’m still working on her course, the framework to approach Flora’s training and also the practical exercises and games/behaviours we practice are all helping us progress.

Her approach is always kind and positive, led by what the individual dog is able to do and very useful for day to day life.

I would really recommend Sonia to anybody struggling with their reactive dog’s behaviour and in particular, the one to one sessions adds an additional benefit, when compared with other online training courses

Jane & Flora

My promise to you

NO PRESSURE. You have enough of that in your life already.

  I will invest my heart and soul into helping you, but I will NEVER pressure or push you into anything.  

You can reach out to me to explore whether I’m a good fit for you and your dog with absolutely no obligation to move forwards.  

Take a deep breath and know that I am here to make things better for you. Not harder.  

Online dog training courses

Finding fun activities to enjoy with your dog, away from the stress of the outside world, is a gamechanger. These courses will help build your dog’s confidence, inject some fun into your lives, and will improve the bond between you both too.

Get instant access to fun dog training activities you can enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Confident Canine HUB

Here at The HUB, we have created a safe space where you can join fun activities and get support for you and your dog.

Loose Lead Walking

Would you like to be able to go for a walk with your dog without them constantly pulling you down the street? 

Scent Detectives

Discover a host of scentwork games to play with your dog to help them decompress, focus and become more optimistic.

Free pattern games for dogs

Pattern games are an extraordinary training tool for reactive dog guardians. If you’ve ever felt that your dog is completely unpredictable and impossible to control, then you want to DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!

 This simple 1-2-3 pattern game is incredibly fun and effective. Start today, and let’s make walking your reactive dog easier.