Control Unleashed Games for Environmentally Sensitive Dogs

  • Is your dog barking and lunging at other dogs or people on walks? 
  • Have walks have become a nightmare? 
  • Are you looking to create a deeper connection with your dog and create a two-way conversation? 
  • Would you like your dog to feel better about the world around them?  

All the games and procedures in this course are from the Control Unleashed Program, created by Leslie McDevitt, which made a huge difference in how I helped and supported my dog Harry.

I loved these games so much that I became a CU Instructor, and I frequently use them in my training courses and behaviour plans.

The Pattern Games in this course will give you and your dog a structure in which to operate when faced with a distracting or challenging environment.

These powerful games create a safety net of predictability that can help support dogs who are feeling worried or fearful about something.

They help and support dogs to process information from a place of safety and confidence.

One of the beauties of pattern games is their simplicity. Anyone can do them, they require no experience of training and very little practice.

You will discover what conversational training is and how you can create a two-way conversations with your dog.

“Look at That” is one of the most popular counterconditioning games from the CU program. It is a powerful game that allows you and your dog to have a “conversation” about what is going on in the environment.

Your dog can communicate how they feel which helps them feel better about the world around them!

Included in this course:

Free One-to-one Zoom Coaching Session

I have included in this course a FREE one-to-one coaching session. 

In this session, you can ask questions, troubleshoot, share successes and wins and discuss ways to implement the CU games and procedures into your life.

Four Free Bonus Modules

To help support you and your dog I have also included 4 FREE BONUS modules.

Bonus 1 - Your End of the Lead

Reactivity is one of the hardest behaviours to deal with but have you ever wondered why that is? You may have never even thought about reactivity before you got this dog, but now when your dog starts reacting, you find yourself reacting too!

You may get stressed at the very thought of going for a walk. Your hands may tighten on the lead when you spot another dog. As a Your End of the Lead Coach, I am passionate about supporting your end of the lead. I have included this bonus module as I wanted to ensure you have the help and support you need.

Bonus 2 - Introduction to Body Language

Seeing how your dog communicates with their body can be a game changer when it comes to resolving reactivity. We can all recognise the obvious behaviours of reactivity: barking, lunging and growling. But are you aware of subtle behaviours that often happen before this?

Learning your dog’s body language will help you see what your dog is telling you well before they have to shout by barking, lunging, or growling! Body language is like a sentence, specific body parts are words but the whole body tells the story.

Bonus 3 - What is Reactivity & What Causes It?

In this bonus module, you will discover what reactivity is, what causes it, the dog's nervous system response and the different types of stress responses.

Bonus 4 - The Real World

I have included a selection of techniques and skills that will help you and your dog navigate the real world.

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