Our monthly subscription membership – Confident Canine Hub

A virtual dog club where you can hang out, make new friends, find support, learn, and have fun.

The Confident Canine Hub is a safe online space where you can access all the benefits of membership. Everything is available to you from the moment you sign up. When you join you also receive a free 1-to-1 coaching session with Sonia, who is a qualified behaviourist and dog trainer. She will help you to navigate the Hub to find the tools that will have the most impact in your specific situation.

All the elements of the Hub are designed to be useful in addressing dog reactivity. Sometimes the connection may not be obvious, but as you learn and grow you will start to put all the puzzle pieces together. Soon, both you and your dog will be notably calmer with a deeper connection. 

Puzzle pieces – what you'll get!

Behavioural Support

Free 1-to-1 coaching,
Live Zoom coaching,
Hot seat coaching.

Stretching Yourself

Challenges and quests,
Geek Corner,  
Video feedback requests.

Resource Library

Courses and workbooks,
Training videos,
Guest speakers.

You will get full access to our wonderful Community – a private, safe, and supportive online space where everyone is living with a sensitive dog, who may be reactive at times.

"The Hub is a great safe place with other dog guardians who provide support and help. The quests and challenges are great ways to learn more about dogs, teaching my dog new things which has all helped with building a better bond and helps us to deal with his anxiety together." K & H

"The Hub Community is a friendly, fun and supportive group of people who want the very best for their dogs. The quests and challenges are my personal favourite. So many different things you and your dog can learn together. All challenging in different ways and so much fun!"
V & R

"The Hub is a safe, non-judgmental, friendly, and fun place to be, with like-minded people whose priority is loving their pups and providing them with the best care. It is a treasure trove of information!  Anything and everything you can think of, to help you spend quality time with your dog that you BOTH enjoy!" E & V

Courses are FREE for Confident Canine Hub members

As a member of the Hub, you get access to ALL of Sonia’s courses FREE of charge. Total value over £1000! Which is an incredible benefit.

“The framework (in Sonia’s course) to approach Flora’s training and the practical exercises, games, and behaviour we practice are all helping us progress.”  J&F

reactivity reset
Relaxation Protocol
Real Dog Yoga
Training Essentials
Bitesize Behaviour
Wellness and connection
ACEing Trust & Connection
Coming soon
Behaviour Club

“Sonia is amazingly knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. The amount of resources on the Hub is simply incredible!” M&A

“You can take part in monthly challenges and quests that provide you and your dog with new things to learn and a real opportunity to have fun together.” V&J

“Sonia is always readily available for supportive, constructive advice. She adopts a small-stepped, bite-sized approach to each activity.” A&J

What you will not experience in the Hub:

  • The stress, embarrassment, and upset of taking your sensitive dog to a real-world class. 
  • The isolation and defeat of not being able to join in. 
  • Having to wait until next week or next month to ask questions and get help.
  • Judgement over the way your dog might behave.
  • Frustration and fear of missing out on all the fun parts of sharing life with your dog. 

“The Hub is the most flexible and far-reaching dog training facility I have ever found, and I have tried many, both online and in person.” V&J