The Confident Connection Dog Reactivity Programme

Eight weeks of personalised training for you and your sensitive dog.

Are you ready to rewrite your story?

Transform your dog’s journey – and yours – with this amazing 8-week programme.

“Una and I had a lot of fun trying out the activities. Which not only helped her confidence 
but strengthened our bond. Her progress is outstanding!” H&L

Is this you?

  • I want to feel more confident handling my dog.
  • My dog feels unpredictable and out of control. 
  • I can’t enjoy my dog as much as I want to. 
  • I am tired of feeling stressed and worried.
  • I am scared this might be damaging our relationship. 

Imagine if…

  • You had a reactivity toolkit and knew how to use it. 
  • You felt supported by an experienced trainer. 
  • You built connection with your dog, and it was fun!
  • You felt confident to deal with your dog’s triggers. 
  • You could support your dog when things get tricky.

“Then I found Sonia, she gave me a call and instantly gave me solutions to help Una. 
Even before enrolling on the course, I had tools that helped Una relax.” H&L

My personalised reactive dog training programme will give you bite-size manageable solutions to transform life for you and your dog. Over an 8-week period, we will work together to find the keys to unlock your specific situation. If you feel unsure why not call me to find out if this is the best programme for you?

What you get in the Confident Connection Dog Reactivity Programme

An emergency toolkit

Immediate access to an emergency toolkit that will give you practical help right away. This includes games, tools, trackers, and techniques, showing you how to take action that will bring immediate relief.

Your Reactivity Training

This is the self-led online course element of the programme. You will cover a different topic each week: These include reactivity, safety, predictability, ACE, hazards, changing your dog’s emotions, and walk alternatives.

1-to-1 support

We will book your first 1-to-1 session so that we can begin to create your personalised programme, that is matched to your needs. This is via Zoom and is the first of 8 1-to-1 sessions with Sonia.

All for a one-off payment – £495

The course has been invaluable and Sonia as well, who is so supportive; constantly in communication, 
and there to help.” H&L

How to book

If you think this programme might be for you, let’s book a free consultation call. This is a two-way exploration so that we can both be sure that this is the right programme for you and your dog.

Life with a reactive dog can be incredibly hard. You don’t need any more pressure in your life, so rest assured there is no expectation that you need to commit to working with me during this call.